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Kenya Kwanza Leaders Hints Inclusion Of ICC To Take Action Against Raila

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Majority Leader in the National Assembly, Kimani Ichungw’ah has suggested the invitation of the International Criminal¬† Court(ICC) to monitor the opposition activities in Kenya.

The Majority Leader has accused Raila Odinga of using violence and anarchy to blackmail the government, he says he will include the ICC agenda before the Kenya Kwanza parliamentary group meeting se to be held next week.

If accepted, Ichungw’ah says he will formally file for a petition a the Hague based court to begin active monitoring of Kenya’s situation.

“We want to tell Raila , we have no problem with you demonstrating… but demonstrate peacefully. And that’s why we are telling Raila Odinga, your system of looting, of anarchy, of using bloodshed to blackmail the country will come to an end and not next year, not after the next elections… this year, that system must come to an end,” he said.

He added “Blackmail us, and we will tell you this is blackmail. If you want to create anarchy we will call it anarchy. And that is why I have said we will propose an agenda to our PG meeting next week that we will write to the ICC to take take measured to ensure that Raila Odinga and his sponsors do not slide our country back to anarchy.”

He claimed that, the opposition was hell bent on causing bloodshed, chaos and destruction of property to force itself into government.

Kenya Kwanza Leaders have refused calls by Raila to expand the bipartisan talks that would seem to end the anti-government protests led by Raila.

Raila Odinga proposed the talks to be similar to the Koffi Annan-led National dialogue of 2008 that led to the Grand Coalition Government, the leaders are certain that the talks will be conducted within the presence of parliament as presented by President Ruto.

The leaders said Kenya Kwanza is read to submit the names of the members to attend the bipartisan talks.

“Bring the list of your people, we are read for talks and let us focus on the interests of all Kenyans not issues about positions of power,” said the Majority Leader.

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