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Kenya Gets Ksh.16B Food Assistance From US Government

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The US government has donated Ksh.16B in support of Kenya’s drought relief efforts.

According to the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the funds will help meet the needs for people across Kenya.

The food assistance to Kenya comes amid an ongoing drought that has left more than four million people in dire hunger crisis, with the number expected to rise to over five million by June this year.

After a fifth failed rainy season in the Horn of Africa , in Kenya is now less than 70% of the 30 year average across most of the country.

USAID will provide emergency food items such as sorghum, maize and vegetable oil for families living in areas where local markets are not functioning.

Furthermore, in areas where markets are functioning, partners will provide cash-bases assistance for families. The agency will also support programs to prevent and treat malnourished children’s  across the country.

“Given the magnitude of the current crisis, however, more funding will be required to meet expected humanitarian needs through 2023,”USAID added.

The President welcomed the announcement which comes following a visit to the country by the US First Lady Jill Biden.

The president expressed his gratitude on twitter for the support as the country experiences the worst drought possible.

“On behalf of the people of Kenya, my profound gratitude to the US government for the generous support to very deserving people suffering the worst drought due to 4 years consecutive failed rains. Water harvesting to enhance food/livestock production and manage climate change effects,” Ruto said.


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