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Kenya and the World Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness month

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A picture showing breast cancer awareness

Every year human beings especially Women die from the scourge of Breast Cancer. This has been a terrible disease that has struck Mankind for the last half century or so. Breast Cancer was a pandemic in the 1970’s. This threat to human life had to be stopped at all costs. In order to help the people and the population know and understand more about the cancer,the Breast Cancer Awareness month was created.

Initially the awareness forum was a week long event in October of 1985,.The event was established by American Cancer society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries. The american First lady at the time Betty Ford helped in kicking starting the event. Betty ford was a Breast cancer Survivor.  The aim of the event was to increase the early awareness and detection of the illness encouraging women to have mammograms.

The Awareness

In order to continue the awareness people from all over the world have continued the October event. They show their support to people suffering from breast cancer,The survivors and also create awareness on the need for early testing.  Questions are raised,Answers issued and experts deliberate on the way forward on tackling the disease.

How does one know if they are ailing from breast cancer?. There are possible signs that  may indicate that you have the cancer. Some of this signs include; change in the size, shape or contour of your breast. a lump which may feel like a pea and also the redness of your skin on your breast or nipple. Some people don’t notice any signs of  breast cancer that’s why its advisable to have routine mammogram checkups.

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A picture showing breast cancer awareness


Many researches have been done and show that there are several factors that cause breast cancer. Some of this factors include;

  1. old age
  2. smoking and drinking  alcohol
  3. family history and genetics.

Do not worry or fear as many researchers have found diagnosis on how to Treat breast cancer. By doing Mammograms.Mammograms are special X-ray images that can detect changes or abnormal growths in your breast. The Ultrasonography test. The test uses sound waves to take pictures of the breast.

The main goal of the  breast cancer awareness month, is  that people mostly women, are  shown what to do and also to show support.

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