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Joho condemned over sharing edited video of DP Ruto

Post by : Sue Njihia

Mombasa governor Ali Joho’s  edited video of Deputy president Ruto has gained massive disapproval among Kenyans.The video made the hopeful presidential was allegedly making negative remarks about a particular group of people.

The edited video was posted by Joho on his twitter account criticising Ruto for calling out the people of UasinGishu to chase away people whose native land is not Kenya.

“Completely unacceptable! It is just not right. This is now dangerous…Someone remind Ruto that Kenya is a country for all of us. Live where you want and vote your choice freely. This is exactly why we need Azimio la Umoja,”  Joho’s tweeted .

Ali afterwards displayed his support to the Azimio presidential candidate and his running mate Martha Karua.

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“The people of Western Kenya, Nyanza, Central and other parts of the country who are here all belong to Uasin Gushu and their home is Uasin Gishu. This county is the home of every Kenyan and we want to tell those who want to divide us, shame on you na tutawashataki kwa Mungu mkituletea kisirani yenu,” said DP Ruto in the original video.

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