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Jamhuri Day Attendees Awarded Free Scholarships

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

President Willam Ruto has lived up to his promise of rewarding those who will attend the Jamhuri Day festivals.

On monday the head of state, announced that everyone present at the staduium would get a scholarship on Global Entrepreneuarship and Innovation from Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University.

The president noted that, the attendees will gain access to a free acess to a free 16-unit course worth Ksh.100,000 each that the government has paid for.

In order to acess it, the attendees needed to scan QR codes provided for them at the stadium to start the course.

“It is now time to keep that promise. there is a Qr code near you. Scan and access the scholarship,” President Ruto said.

Photo// President William Ruto keeps his promise. Photo Courtesy

The courses provided by the Arizona State University , are designed to prepare students to navigate the dynamic digital world.

Additionally, the secretary of the ICT & Digital Economy John Tanai had announced a day earlier that Kenyans would get a free scholarship if they attended Jamhuri day celebrations.

Tanui, a member of the National Celebration Commitee made the sentiment during the preparation for monday’s celebration.

Additionally,the scholarship will be on Tecnology Certification courses, and will be awarded to eligle adults.

Photo// President William Ruro. Photo Courtesy

Futhermore, the president stated that the government appriciates firms and organisations that have stepped forward to make Kenya “a hot ed of innovation.”

Lastly, the president said they will continue to do their part and make such partnerships in the future and he also welcomes kenyans to be a part of the journey to greatness.

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