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Post by : Ann Njambuya

The war against corruption in Kenya has seen many twists and turns but no turn has seen more drama  than after the 2017 elections.

When the jubilee government, won the elections one of their main points was to fight corruption.

The fight against corruption has however been faced by a mired of allegations from politicians who have said that it is being politicised.

Whether it is true or not it is very hard for the officials  in-charge of this fight to defend their position, this after declaring that Waiguru might be arrested in relation to graft charges.

The EACC has finished investigations in to graft allegations into the Kirinyaga county government. this declaration comes days after Waiguru defected from Jubilee to UDA  political party affiliated with Deputy president William Ruto.

Ethics Anti Corruption Commission Headquarters in Nairobi

The EACC has been accused of being used to fight political wars and prosecute those who don’t tow the government’s line and it seems Waiguru will soon join the list.

Whether this charges are genuine, the timing of this charges will lead to a lot of speculation and a highly politicised debate on whether the war on corruption is genuine.


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