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Involvement In a Fight Leaves Man Bitter, Private parts bitten off By daughter-in-law

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Bungoma , drama broke out as a daughter- in-law bites off father- in- law’s private parts.

A 78-year old man in Bumula Constituency , is nursing injuries after his private parts were allegedly bitten off by his daughter- in -law.

The man, Vincent Barasa is said to have been attacked by Everlyn Okello, his son’s second wife, on Saturday as he attempted to resolve a physical fight between the woman and her friend at their home in Kimaeti sub-county.

How did the man’s private parts get bitten?
Photo// Vincent Barasa Narrates his story. Photo Courtesy

According to Vincent, he was having his dinner at around 4pm, when he heard a commotion in his son’s Godfrey’s house. One of his grandchildren informed him that his daughter in law was in a brawl with another lady .

Mr. Barasa immediately rushed to the scene in attempt to resolve the conflict, but he was met with objection and he decided to turn back as his effort was futile.

As he had turned back, the lady followed him and hit him with a stone. He fell unconscious and the lady sat on him biting his chest.

The man’s attempts to push her away were pointless as the lady moved back and bit his private parts.

“As I was going back, it seems the lady was angry so she threw a stone at me and struck the backside of my head. She then proceeded to bite my manhood,” he explained.

Following the incident, angry neighboring residents, who had arrived at the scene gave the lady and her husband a severe beating before taking the old man for treatment.

Godfrey said his wife is prone to violence and has often allegedly, threatened to kill him and his daughter .

Police are in pursuit of the lady who has gone missing.

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