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Increase of Boda-Boda Crimes

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Family and friends of Mr Keagan Githua 24, who was stabbed in Ridgeways held a prayer in memory of him on Monday.

On Sunday, October 30 , Mr. Keagan Githua was stabbed in ridgeways Kiambu road. He was attacked by suspected robbers on a getaway motorbike.

“He was attacked by riders on a motorbike who stabbed him in the chest as they tried to steal his phone and other personal items as he was heading home. The knife stab inflicted serious injuries to vital organs which led to his demise a few minutes later,” one residents said.

The family also said Mr. Githua will be laid to rest on November 9.

Speaking on Sunday November 6, the victims family revealed that assailants continued using the deceased’s phone day after the crime and did not fear when the police called the line.

“When one of police officers called the line, he found that it was on. One of the thieves picked up and said, “yes ,it is us what are you going to do about it? (Mtado?),” one relative stated.

“We request the police and the government to please put an end to this we have cried enough!” the mother stated.

Photo// Crimes Increasing Caused By Some Boda-Boda Riders. Photo Courtesy.
Crime Increase

Nairobi regional commander, James Kigera stated that a group of police officers has been deployed to smoke out the robbers from their hideouts.

The murder is among 3 linked to boda-boda riders in the last fortnight. On October 27, Arnold was gunned down by robbers at a stop along Waiyaki Way.

Furthermore, a second victim was short dead in Donholm moments after depositing money at a local bank with reports linking the two incidents.

So far, three suspects have been apprehended in connection with the crimes and are currently held under police custody.

The number of murder’s has raised concerns among Nairobi residents who have demanded the national police service to address the menace.

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