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I will not be rigged out Ruto Vows

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Deputy president William Ruto has vowed that he will not be rigged out of 2022 general elections. While on a tour in Vihiga county the deputy president indicated that he is ready to protect his votes in this years general elections.

In the past, Orange Democratic Movement party Leader Raila Odinga has claimed that has been rigged  out of the elections by the government or parties in the government. This parties have been referred to by powerful and impact leaders as deep state and system. Some of this leaders have claimed that Depp state and system cannot allow a William Ruto presidency.


The powerful orator has in speeches indicated that no one can steal his votes let alone the deep state. Ruto has accused shred business men of trying to impose a president on the people. the Deputy president was citing the instance where Raila Odinga was endorsed by the mount Kenya foundation.

William Ruto has vowed that he will not be rigged out of the 2022 general elections.
Deputy President William Ruto and Chama cha Kazi Party Leader Moses Kuria, During a past function.

The Mount Kenya Foundation is made up of billionaires from the Mount Kenya region who are considered influential due to the balance in their bank accounts. With this billionaires supporting the former premier, the ODM party leader seems to have the adequate financial muscle to take on the deputy president who has been crisscrossing the country for the better part of 2 years.

Kieleweke admits Ruto is popular on ground.

While on tour in Mudavadi’s backyard the DP has on multiple times called on the notable ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi to abandon the One Kenya Alliance and join him to form a coalition. Mudavadi on his part has indicated that he is in OKA to stay during a recent press conference.

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