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“I Will Not Accept Ruto As President” Martha Karua

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

On Wednesday, Narc Kenya Leader Martha Karua explained why she does not recognize Ruto as the president after his win in the August elections.

During an interview with Spice FM, Karua insisted that only the law recognizes Ruto as the president but not her.

“The law recognizes him and I don’t , his the president courtesy of the law. I do not have to over-praise that position. I said  I respect the courts verdict but I disagree with it,” she said.

According to Karua, the August 9 presidential elections results were rigged. She said that is what she believes and she wont be forced to believe otherwise.

Photo// Martha Karua. Photo Courtesy

“I still stand here to say that the result were doctored and that’s a personal position. You cannot stop my brain from working , you cannot force me to believe . My belief is not subject to the law . It is subject to my conscience but giving way to the law is obeying the law.”

“The court spoke, we gave way, we are still searching for the truth. So I keep on having to say I do not believe he won,” she added.

She said that the current administration could not discard selected cases with inadequate evidence.

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