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I wasn’t Bribed to join UDA Aisha Jumwa Declares

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Outspoken Member of Parliament for  Malindi Town Aisha Jumwa has denied being bribed to join UDA. the member of parliament has been very vocal in matters that concern UDA and the deputy president in general. she is among the top leaders in UDA and its women league.

The vocal member of parliament has set the record straight in a previous interview where she declared that she wasn’t bribed by anyone to join the deputy president but only does so because she believes in him. Aisha Jumwa said that she follows William Ruto because he has made the right promises to the people of the coastal region and he seems like a man of his word.

A section of political leaders from ODM leaders had accused the member of parliament of taking a bribe in order to join UDA. the leaders claimed the Aisha received a mansion on the beach from William Ruto as a condition of her joining the Hustler led party.

Jumwa on her part indicated that she didn’t receive anything and that she owns different mansions across the country. she went to clarify that all the houses she owns were acquired by her through her hard work and determination to make a good life for her and her family.

Malindi town member of parliament aisha Jumwa during a past function.
Photo//Malindi Town Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa during a past event in her Constituency.

Aisha Jumwa was once deemed as an ODM die hard before falling out with the party. she is eyeing the Kilifi gubernatorial seat on a UDA ticket. according to political pundits Jumwa is expected to face off with former lands CAS Gideon Mung’aro who will be seeking the mandate on an ODM ticket.

Kilifi county is counted among the strongholds of ODM a notion that Jumwa seeks to change.



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