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I was in KANU for protection, Waititu Declared

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu duirng a previous engegements with the people of kiambu.

After the 2017 general election, Kiambu county had a new governor Ferdinand Waititu  who won in a landslide vote. However after a few years on the throne the governor troubles began, the EACC, county assembly, the DCI and the ODPP was on his trail.


The former governor was accused of embezzlement and misappropriation of public finances and this was the start of the end of his political career. an impeachment motion was brought forward to the county assembly calling for the impeachment of the governor. the motion was passed with a majority of the MCA’s voting for the motion.

After the motion in the county assembly, there was a hearing in the senate which in return ratified the the county assembly’s decision. During the hearing the Governor was affiliated with the rogue faction of tanga tanga which was being attacked politically by the executive through the EACC,DCI and the ODPP.

His loss at the senate was purely based on this stance. After his battle in the senate Waititu was arrested and arraigned in court over misappropriation of over 500 million of county funds. he was arrested together with his wife.

Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu duirng a previous engegements with the people of kiambu.
Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, during a meet the people tour.
Court Proceedings 

With court proceedings, it seemed like the ODPP had a bucket full of crimes that Waititu was accused of. This made the governor a frequent if not a permanent resident of the courts in Kenya. As most politicians claim, graft and investigative agencies have been used by the executive in order to attack their opponents something that Waititu has seemed to agree with.

The controversial governor indicate that he caught wind of a new charge that was about to be brought on to him, with one of the investigative officers telling him to support the government.

It is with this advise that the embattled Governor,decide to join Kenya’s Independence party KANU. and true to fact it seems as if immediately he joined KANU most of the charges against him were dropped with governor having a few charges to answer for in a court of law.

Waititu has since ditched KANU for UDA saying that he defected to KANU in order to gain protection from prosecution but even when he was in KANU his heart was always in UDA.

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