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Huduma number soon to be used in making mobile money transfers

Post by : Sue Njihia

Central Bank of Kenya(CBK) has revealed that Huduma number will be used when making digital transactions ,this in turn will help reduce fraud in mobile money transfer and elevate safe use of online transactions.It will also replace KRA pins to curb tax evasions and cheats

Huduma number is a unique and permanent identification number, randomly assigned to every resident individual at birth, or upon registration environment and only expires or is retires upon death of the individual.

Every citizen is required to have a Huduma number issued through the National Integrated Identity Management Process (NIIMS).

” However , as more payments shift to online and electronic channels risks will increase as well.The increased use of online and digital channels also meant increased causes of fraud and scams at a customer level,”CBK said.

New security measures will be put in place to ensure safe transactions and payment channels.


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