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Hope for Mama Mboga’s and Boda Boda riders as NSE launches Market place

Post by : Robert Kamau

President William Ruto at the Nairobi securities Exchange. NSE. The president indicated that it is his hope that every kenyan is bale to buy and sell shares on the market. Mama Mboga's and Boda Boda guys should be able trade in shares.

There is hope for the common mwananchi as the Nairobi securities exchange launched the NSE market Place. While speaking at the event, President William Ruto indicated that he hopes that one day Boda Boda Guys will be able to trade on the platform.

According to the NSE chairman Kiprono Kittony; The NSE market place will help highlight opportunities for global companies seeking to invest internationally with a focus in Africa. He went further to indicate that; The Market Place will provide a platform for Kenya to communicate investment opportunities to the world, positioning the country as a hub for trade and investments, enabling Kenya to attract FDI across various sectors.

The president made the following Remarks during his Speech.

The Hope

“I look forward to the government of Kenya raising more resources for our development using NSE, whereby many Kenyans grow their wealth using the NSE, whereby that Boda Boda guy is trading on his phone as he awaits the next customer, instead of betting. When Mama mboga, when waiting for her next supply, is on her phone buying  shares,” said President Ruto.

“It is time to unlock the potential that exists in this institution to drive the economy of our county. There is demonstrable evidence in the stock market that there is potential for us to raise the resources that today we are struggling to raise using debt instruments and others we are looking for in debt capital and multilateral instruments,” said President Ruto.

“That money that we are so desperately looking for out there, with proper instruments, we can get those resources from the people of Kenya through the Nairobi Stock exchange,” he added, “debt is weighing down our government and our companies and so it is important that we go down that direction.”


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