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Hope as Covid Vaccine Manufacturing Plant set to start after tendering

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Kenyans can now have a glimpse of hope, as the covid vaccine plant is set to start. The covid manufacturing factory is set to give the country the capability to mass produce the covid 19 vaccine.

According to documents seen on the Kenya biovax institute website, the institute has advertised Globally for qualified firms to submit their tenders for consideration.  .

The government is seeking a consultant that has the capability to design, construct,maintain and manage the plant. The tender which has been issued Globally is set to a centre stage in the provision of timely vaccines to the public.

While addressing the public during the recent mashujaa celebrations held at Wanguru stadium the president instructed the Ministry of health to engage a team that will finish the moderation of forming and operationalise a covid vaccine Manufacturing  plant.

The country has been gearing up towards the capacity to refill covid 19 vaccines. With this tender being floated to the international community, Kenya is declaring that it is open for business again after a long and gruelling fight with Covid 19.

When the country achieves the capacity of manufacturing the Covid 19 vaccine it is expected that there will be a lot of ease in vaccinating Kenyans.

Newly appoint leadership team at Kenya Biovax Insitute. the company will oversee the construct of a new Covid Vaccine Manufacturing Plant.
Photo// Newly appointed Board members of the Kenya Biovax Institute, during a photo up after their first meeting.

This information comes at a time that Kenya has seen an increase in the infection rate.The increase has been attributed to the Omicron variant.

Omicron Cases Detected in Kenya among Travellers: Mutahi says

Once the tendering process is over and plans to start construction are approved, the plant will provide employment both directly and indirectly to a lot of Kenyans.


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