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High school student convicted on Manslaughter

Post by : Ann Njambuya

A student has been convicted on manslaughter for the burning down of dormitory in Moi girls.

In 1st September  2017 , Parents and student (s) of moi girls high school Nairobi were left in shock and despair as a dormitory that housed form ones was razed down by fire.

When investigations were conducted on the fire the investigators found out the fire was indeed arson and there was malice. Armed with those fact a 14 year old student was arraigned in court on the count of murder charges which the student denied.

The fire at moi girls high school Nairobi killed 8 girls instantly and an  additional 2 died while undergoing treatment. this moved the number of deaths to 10. the student in question has been going to court for the last four years. this involved mentions and the initial trial.

In her Judgement trial judge Stella Mutuku convicted the said student on manslaughter instead of the original charge of Murder. she ruled that the prosecution didn’t prove beyond reasonable doubt that there was malicious intent on the part of the student.

Crisis Meeting

This judgement comes at a time when High school are being burnt down from all corners of the country leading to a crisis meeting between the ministry of education and various stakeholders.

A student has been convicted on manslaughter for the burning down of dormitory in Moi girls.
Photo// School property destroyed by fire

With such indiscipline cases on the raise various cabinet secretaries and political leaders have called for the reintroduction of corporal punishment in our schools.

Gain for Mavoko in New housing Project

The young girl who is now 18 years old is set to be sentenced on January 4th 2022. it is expected that the sentencing of this young girl will deter other students from participating in arson due to the fear and knowledge of the consequences that will follow.

Whether corporal punishment will help install some form of discipline in our kids is still unclear but it is true that something needs to be done to stop this menace.

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