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Here is why Kenya Kwanza is into panic mode six days to the election

Post by : Sue Njihia

The former Bungoma county Senator Moses Wetangula , alleged that deep state have plans to disrupt the airwaves during the general elections.

“The minister for IT one Joe Mucheru and some players in the ICT sector are planning to set up a hacking centre in some building in Waiyaki way in Nairobi which is supposed to interfere with the airwaves on the polling day and thereafter disturb the activities of the election. Again we will hold you firmly responsible as a government for any activities or acts of omission that will lead to a compromise of a free and fair election because we expect nothing less.”  Wetangula Said.

He also added that Kenyans should be left to decide, as its their business to elect the kind of leader they want.

“Let the people of Kenya decide, if they vote for your preferred candidate well and good, if they vote for a candidate you don’t like, it’s not your business, it’s the business of the people of Kenya.” He said.

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Wetangula denies association with Greeks supplying election materials

Wetangula accused the  government of closing down Nyayo stadium .He affirmed that Kenya Kwanza will use the stadium whether the Nairobi County Government allows it or not. Failure to which their last campaign meeting will be held at The Nairobi Central District (CBD).


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