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Here is why elections may be repeated

Post by : Sue Njihia

According to details released by Ipsos Synovate reveal that the Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga and the Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate William Ruto may not win on first round .

Recent polls outline that  Raila currently leads with 47% followed closely by Ruto at 41%. While the undecided percentage is at 4% and Raila has to convince half of the undecided voters in order to win the elections.

“From this research, if Mr Odinga converts half of the undecided voters he will have a first round win while of Mr Ruto will convert half of the undecided voters, he will force a re-run of the election,” Said Mr Muthoka, the director of research at Ipsos.

The survey was conducted across the 47 counties with 6,105 households being actively involved.According to the firm, Raila had an upper hand compared to Ruto due to his legacy as a nationalist and a democrat. On his side, Ruto presented hope due to his clarity on how to improve the lives of the citizens.

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