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Havi Kicked out as Law Society of Kenya battles continues

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Ousted Law society of Kenya Nelson Havi.

Nelson Havi has been kicked out of the LSK presidents seat by the branch chair caucus. The prominent city lawyer had been ordered by Justice Antony Mrima to convene an annual General meeting within  21 days from 20th of December 2021.

Havi has declared to vie for the Westlands member of parliament position in the next general election under the UDA party. He has been seen in major political party that have been held by UDA and by Deputy president William Ruto.

The LSK has been battling out internal wrangles between the president and the secretariat with the secretariat being kicked out of office by the president only for the courts to reinstate her.

This push and pull has affected the lawyers body which is tasked with registering and maintaining proper records of all lawyers in the country. After his removal from office the branch chair caucus has settled on Linda Kiome to be the new president of the society. Linda is also the chair of the mount Kenya Region Caucus.

Ousted Law society of Kenya  Nelson Havi.
Photo// Prominent Lawyer and Ousted Law society of Kenya President Nelson Havi during a past event of admitting lawyers into the bar.

The appointment of Linda Kiome takes effect from the 11th of January 2022 as indicated in a statement from the branch chair caucus. As LSK joins the growing list of organisations in Kenya that are suffering from internal wrangles it is unclear whether Nelson Havi will challenge the decision in court.



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