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Hard times ahead as President asks for one year;Unga Prices

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Unga price; President William Ruto and His Deputy Rigathi Gachagua during the bell ringing ceremony at the NSE TOADY. Th epresident promised to forgive tax sins that make private companies avoid being listed at the NSE.

Hard times for Kenyans as president Ruto says that the Price of Unga will come down in a year. while speaking during a ground breaking ceremony in Kibra, the president indicated that he is working on a longer term solution. He asked Kenyans to be patient and give him one year so that he can remedy the situation.

He also went on an offensive attacking the former president. President Ruto indicated that the price of Unga had gone up to 230 shillings during the last government. During the campaign period the Unga Topic was very keen as both sides pledged to bring down the cost within 100 days. It now seems as if the president is going back on his campaign promises. After being sworn in Ruto, withdrew the Unga and petrol subsidies. The subsidies had been established by the Uhuru government in a bid to cushion  Kenyans on the high cost of living.

Ruto, indicated that his government will not subsidise consumption but will subsidise production. The implemented this mantra by distributing subsidised fertiliser to farmers across the country. Currently, Kenya is experiencing a very harsh Drought and famine with very minimal rains. The lack of rains impacted on the country negatively.

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Kenyans can only wait in agony as the hard times crash them. Children are no longer attending schools due to the harsh economic conditions. Some parts of the country, homesteads cannot even water, be it clean or not. The situation in the country seems to be getting of hand.


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