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Post by : Ann Njambuya

Cabinet secretary and former senator for turkana John Munyes has said that Kenyans should prepare for more tough times at the pump. The Cs indicated that fuel prices will not be going down as it was earlier indicated by  both former prime minister Raila Odinga and Interior Cabinet secretary Fred Matiangi.

Cs John Munyes who has said that kenyans should expect tougher times on the pump, as fuel prices may not reduce.
Cabinet Secretary for Petroleum : John Munyes during a Past interview

While making his statement at the  parliamentary  committee on energy John Munyes indicated that fuel prices are determined by external factors that are beyond his ministry’s control.

Munyes further faulted the treasury for no realising over 24 billion shillings to the petroleum ministry which would have been used for price stabilisation. however the cs seemed to be giving excuses and blaming others for his ministry’s failure which has made the cost of living unbearable for most Kenyans.

Raila’s Statement

The former Premier while addressing the residents of Bungoma said that fuel prices will go down this week, indicating that the government is working on a solution that will bring the fuel prices down. His statements were however used as an indication that the leader of opposition is now in government.

His sentiments were supported by “super” cs Matiangi who indicated that it was  true that the government was embarking on a mission to identify and solve problems in the energy sector that have led to the increase in fuel prices and an increase in the cost of living among Kenyans.

Fuel Prices

In his statement at the energy committee Munyes said that Kenyans will have to wait until 10th October when the market determinants will be clear. Fuel prices in Kenya are controlled by the Energy and Petroleum regulatory authority, which sets the maximum prices that retailers can sell fuel products at.

With Fuel prices at an all time high Kenyans are becoming extremely worried about the cost of living.


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