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Goverment announces auctioning of abandoned goods at Mombasa port

Post by : Sue Njihia

The government has announced the auctioning of abandoned goods at the Mombasa port. The gazetted notice dated on 8 Friday stated that the auction was scheduled for August 10, if the goods will not be collected within the next 30 days. Failure to which they will be considered abandoned.

 PHOTO//A used cars sale yard

According to the Sub-section 1, section 42 f the Act, any goods deposited in a customs warehouse are not lawfully removed within 30 days after deposit, then the commissioner shall give notice by auction in a publication.

Items listed to be auctioned include cars, food stuff, television sets etc. This is to allow creation of space at the port and also recovering taxes. Interested buyers are requested to visit 16 different warehouses, where the goods were stored

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The Kenya Revenue Authority auctions goods that owners have been unable or failed to pay taxes. The government has not yet revealed the prices of the listed goods during the auction. A few buyers were frustrated because the goods gazetted for action were not listed.

Among the vehicles listed are Toyota Land cruiser, Mazda ,  a new Mercedes Benz and a Subaru Impreza. The owners of the items listed for auctioning are pleading with the government to give them more time to clear their goods.

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