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Google has fired on one of its engineers who claimed that the companies’ artificial intelligence system has feelings.

Post by : Sue Njihia

Google has fired on one of its engineers who said the companies’ artificial intelligence system has feelings.

Last month Blake Lemoine went public with his theory that Google language technology is able to perceive of feel things. And therefore should have its wants respected. Google denied the claims and the company confirmed that he had been sacked.

Google said that Mr Lemoine’s claims about The Language for Dialogue Applications (Lamda) were not based on facts or evidence as the company has worked with him for many months to clarify this.

‘’So, it’s regrettable that despite lengthy engagement on the topic, Blake still chose to persistently violate clear employment and data security policies that include the need to safe guard product information, ’The statement said.

Ladma is a breakthrough technology that Google says can engage in free-flowing conversations .it is the companies tool for building chatbots.

Blake Lemoine started making headlines last month when he said Ladma was showing human like consciousness. It sparked discussion among AL experts and enthusiasts about advancement if technology that is designed to impersonate humans.

Lemoine who worked for google, whose job was to test if the technology used discriminatory or hate speech.In hs findings Ladma shows self-awareness and could hold conversations about religion, emotions and fears .This led him to believe that  behind verbal skills might also lie a sentiment mind.

Mr Lemoine is not the first AI engineer to go public with claims that AI is becoming more conscious. Also last month, another Google employee shared similar thoughts with The Economists.

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