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Good news for Farmers as Egypt wants more fruits

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Farmers gather mangoes harvested from a farm in Wachakone, Tana River County.

Fruit farmers in the country will now be smiling all the way to the bank after exporting their fruits to Egypt. The Egyptian market has been one of the few markets where Kenyan farmers can export their fruits to.

According to the ministry of trade and industrialisation Kenya is the largest trading partner to Egypt in the East Africa region.this new arrangement that seeks to increase the number of fruits exported to the North African powerhouse was discussed in the ongoing Trade talks.

Kenya and Egypt are engaging in trade talks that are set to create a better balance between the trade of the two countries. Egypt has been exporting more to Kenya than we export to them by a factor of over 30 billion shillings.

During the talks the Egyptian Ambassador to Kenya Khalid Abyaid called on Kenyan farmers to try their best and tap into the vast and growing Egyptian market. he further urged farmers to increase the number of shipments they send up North.

A woman in kakuzi plc Avocado processing plant. avocadoes are among the fruits that farmers can export to Egypt.
Photo// A woman in Kakuzi PLC Avocado processing plant. Kakuzi is among the largest avocado farms and processing facilities in the country. 

The Egyptian market presents a better opportunity for Kenyan farmers who have been grappling with losses after their produce is rejected by the European market. With a new market in Egypt the farmers will not have to deal with those losses anymore as Egypt will take a lot of that fruit.

Kenyan avocado exports rests on adherence to quality standards

According to the CEO of the Kenya National Chamber for Commerce and Industry (KNCCI). The trade talks are very important as they will also open a door to the export of more avocados as a fruit.


This trade deal will help the country create more jobs that come in form of support industries that crop up to support the export industry.

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