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Goat Wife vs Side Chick as Edday flaunts new figure in fight for Samidoh

Post by : Leah Achieng

Popular Kenyan Mugithi star Samidoh has postponed his ongoing United states tour after being involved in an accident.

Samidoh precarious love triangle reached its explosive climax in December when he chose his first wife Edday Nderitu over his baby mama Karen Nyamu. It all came to a head with a full blown physical altercation in Dubai that trended on the internet.

And now, the goat wife Edday who won back the affection of her husband against all odds and scheming of her competitor Karen, is now basking in the glory of her romantic victory.

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She has taken to Instagram to show off just what kept Samidoh coming back to her. And it’s safe to say Samidoh found it irresistible. Flaunting her thick curves and legs, Edday gave her fans a taste of her assets.

Meanwhile, Karen looks resigned to a quiet life without the drama of the past year. Defeated and reflective, she posted on her Instagram a motivational post encouraging herself and others like herself.

“Don’t hold on to the old, let it all go gracefully. Everything is about to change for the better, just remain open and resilient.”It’s the ending we were all craving for. The Samidoh-Edday-Karen love triangle reached its peak drama in Dubai.

The Dubai Baby Mama Fight 

Video emerged of an altercation inside the venue of Samidoh’s concert as his drunk side chick Karen Nyamu had to be physically dragged away after trying to crash the party. And as a parting shot, her main rival Edday Nderitu seemed to give her a good whack across the face.

Karen, who has two children with Samidoh, had invited herself over to Dubai where the Mugithi star had planned an end of year getaway with his wife Edday. And this morning, she posted a snap of herself from last night looking quite intoxicated and smiling sheepishly after the drama she had caused.

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Fans are going crazy with this latest development and many are posting their reactions to this exact scenario which has been brewing for months. Karen has been antagonizing Edday most of this year by taking subliminal shots at her marriage. A few weeks back, she referred to herself as “Gacheri ga Samidoh”.

Here are some of the best fan reactions to the Karen and Edday fight:

Karanja: The goat wife always wins ❤❤

Caroline: Usicheze na goat wife

Jeru: Hizi ndio drama za mwisho mwisho tukifunga mwaka wueeeh 🤣🤣

Jossy: Kweli wanasema mtu hawezi acha bibi yake nmeamini.

Lynner: The best SOAP OPERA of the year… Jina ndio sina😏😏😏😏
Fridah: He is now coming to his senses.

Jos: Hii ndo mapenzi ama ni short movie waah.

Dorris: Ningebehave Kama Karen I’m sure my mum angekuwa asha nidisown 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄and my anscestors…well, dirty slaps would be my daily bread. Kukimbiza mtu kama pesa, hi nayo…noooo.

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