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Gachagua’s Stern Message To Azimio “Stop Disturbing Hustlers In Eastlands And Face Ruto At State House”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua find faults with The Azimio La Umoja Party leadership over the planned Tuesday demonstrations in some parts of the country.

Speaking during Labour Day celebration at Nairobi’s Uhuru Gardens, The Deputy President said Azimio La Umoja Raila Odina and his team should face President William Ruto in State House instead of involving his supporters.

He also said that the opposition should accept the bipartisan talks called by President Ruto through parliament.

“Stop disturbing hustlers in Eastland and Southlands Nairobi. If you have issues to raise then face the President at State House . Others can come into my office. You can also face Duale at DoD or Kindiki. Stop using hustlers’ who are going about their activities.” he said.

The D.P also warned the opposition party that the government will do what it takes to protect life and property destructions during the protests.

His statement comes a day before the planned Azimio demonstrations, protesting about the high cost of living, government appointments among other issues.

Azimio coalition party as accused the government of lack of good will in the bipartisan talks called by Ruto. the wo parties each has maintained a hardline stance , with both parties demanding withdrawal of members from the parliamentary teams picked to lead the talks.

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