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Gachagua seeks to appeal the highcourt after ksh 200million wealth surrendered to the government

Post by : Sue Njihia


Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua has been dealt with a huge blow after the High Court ordered that Kshs200 million of his wealth be surrendered to the government .According to a decree by Judge Esther Maina, Gachagua was unable to account for how he secured the money in question.

The money is believed to have been acquired illegally which led to the freezing of the money by The High court, held under Gachagua’s name at Rafiki Bank Sacco, in 2022.

The first account is said to be holding a total of Kshs165 million, the second one has  Kshs35 million and the third one contains Kshs773,228. A fourth account under the name of Jenne Enterprise Limited, which is believed to Gachagua’s accomplice  has a total of Kshs1,138,142.

Evidence presented to the court shows that Gachagua received Ksh 5.8billion within  a span of 7 years in  his bank accounts from the government supply agencies through his various business entities ,that entered into supply contracts.

In his defence The Mathira MP said that no such amount of money was transferred to his account.He said that he made the money during Kibaki’s time when he was not in government.

“My account did not receive Sh5 billion; that is propaganda. The money that I have is well documented. This is money I made during the reign of Mwai Kibaki when the economy was thriving. I made over Sh200 million and invested in an account and that account has been running for the last eight years,” he said.

Gachagua seeks to appeal the highcourt as he felt that he was not accorded fair hearing.


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