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From Keroche to the senate Tabitha Karanja Declares

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja . SHE HAS DECLARED Her interest to vie for the nakuru senator seat.

Tabitha Karanja the CEO and founder of the Keroche breweries has decided that she is going to vie for the Nakuru Senatorial Position. The well reserved CEO has given this indication as she is holding meeting with delegations of elders and church leaders from Nakuru.

She is among the top CEOs in Kenya and among the Top women CEOs in East Africa in the Alcohol industry. She has been on the face on controversy in  the previous with issues raging from tax fraud charges by the KRA to the ODPP arresting her and her husband.

Keroche breweries limited is named as the second largest maker of beer in Kenya falling Behind of the East African Breweries limited (EABL). The brewery is known for some of its signature products like the Summit Lager,Vienna Ice, Cresent among other brands.

The formidable business leader is being wooed by Senator Susan Kihika to join UDA as her preferred political vehicle for next years general election. Kihika who is eyeing to unseat Lee Kirinyaga as the governor is seen to be pushing for a formidable female leadership at the county level.

Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja . SHE HAS DECLARED Her interest to vie for the nakuru senator seat.
Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja and Renowned Radio Presenter Maina Kageni in a past function.

Political Arena

In the Kenyan political scene most business people who join politics do so in order to protect their business interests in the country. No one would fault the Keroche CEO for tying to do so since she has suffered at the hands of the KRA in  a move that was criticised by some members of parliament as deep state involvement.

Tabitha has not yet declared which party she will use to seek this mandate but political analysts are already lining up saying that she will win hands down no matter which party she chooses.

Her company is believed to have employed thousands and thousands of Kenyans both directly and indirectly a position that will give her the much needed political mileage. Aspirants who had declared their interest for the position are said to be holding late night meetings with their advisers in a bid to curtail her influence or to either change their interests.

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