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Fatherhood Goals as Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru welcome first child

Post by : Leah Achieng

Popular You tuber and content creator Thee Pluto has just welcomed his first born daughter together with his long time girlfriend felicity shiru.

The newest father in town is content creator Thee Pluto. Pluto welcome his first child together with his longtime girlfriend Felicity shiru. according to sources close to the family felicity had to undergo an emergency CS after it emerged that the umbilical cord of their daughter was wrapped around her. The You Tuber couple is praised for welcoming their first born daughter after fielding questions from their fans on when they are going to start their family or have a child.

The sensation you-tuber is known for his skits which are referred to as loyalty tests. this tests have seen numerous relationship broken up after emerged that the couples were cheating on each other. He has also shed some light on the recent attitude towards relationships by the youth.

While speaking on their you-tube page, Felicity narrated on how the process was. “The baby’s umbilical cord was wound around her neck. It has been noted on the first scan but I had to take another scan to confirm the same.”Felicity says the doctors had hoped the baby would play around and the cord would undo itself but that did not happen.

The nuchal cord, or when a baby’s umbilical cord is wrapped around her neck, is one such condition that can conjure up exceptionally scary problems for a safe delivery.

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Such cords become problematic when the cord is wrapped tightly around the baby, which can restrict blood flow and potentially cause acidosis and anaemia.

Instagram Messages

Thee Pluto took to his socials to celebrate the birth of his daughter. he exclaimed that he is happy beyond the world. He wrote the following on his Instagram page.

Nimetimiza ndoto zangu kwa kumpata mwanangu. Karibu duniani mtoto wangu @zoey_pluto Umenibadilishia jina nikawa mzazi na ukanipa heshima. Nakuombea Maisha mema. My true love ❤️

The couple received various congratulations messages from celebrities and Fans alike.

👏👏👏 congrats bro 👏👏👏Jana was nice to see you .
Kanyoye na makai mothe meri Kabisa
God is good👏 congratulations bro👏👏
Congratulations to you are onee in million 😍😍😍❤️
Congratulations baba na mama zoey.Baby you are blessed.💯❤❤

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