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Father And Son Murdered, Bodies Buried In Shallow Grave

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A 60 year old father and his son a 20 year old have been found murdered in Kiini, Embu North Constituency.

The body of the man , Luka Mbogo was found with deep cuts, while that of his son , Erick Mbogo, was discovered in his house.

According to police, Luka the father was brutally murdered and his body buried in a shallow grave a few meters from his farm.

While the investigations were ongoing, police discovered the body of his so Erick, who was found lifeless in a  pool of blood on his bed, with the house he was in locked from the inside.

The village residents had previously suspected the son of murdering his father before finding his body.

The incident was confirmed by Embu North Sub- County Deputy Police Commissioner William Owino, who stated that the two might have been attacked by unknown people.

Body Exhumation

He said that after the father’s burial, the police were forced to seek out a court order to exhume the body in order to assist with the investigations.

“We had first thought that he was the only the man who was killed…during the investigations, the detectives however moved to his house only to discover his killed son and the house locked from outside,”Owino said.

“The law does not allow for somebody to be exhumed without a court order. Right now, the DCI has applied for a court order.”


He also revealed that relevant exhibits used in the murder have already been collected and investigations are underway.


“We have collected all the exhibits found in the scene including pangas and investigations have commenced. We are also waiting on a government pathologist who has the authority to conduct an autopsy in order to establish the cause of death.” he added.

He assured the residents that security has been tightened in the area, and a curfew has been set to curb insecurity.

“We have started a curfew , and the residents have agreed that by 11pm, no one is allowed to be outside,” he stated.

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