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“Everyone Must Pay Taxes” President Ruto Tells Parties doing demonstrations in the Country

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

President William Ruto said on Monday that no Kenyan will be excused from paying their taxes.

Speaking in Mombasa, were H.E was presiding over the National Assembly’s Post Election Seminar 2023 in collaboration with the Common wealth Parliamentary Association, the President stated that Kenya is not an animal farm where some animals are more equal than others.

The head of state, without naming names , claimed that the ongoing demonstrations the majority of which have blamed the rising cost of living and an increasing tax-burden were being sponsored by tax evaders.

“Even if they sponsor demonstrations so that they do not pay tax, i want to promise them that they will pay tax , there is no exemptions,” The president said.

‘This country is not an animal farm where some are more equal than others, we are going to have a society where every citizen carries their fair share of our burden to raise our taxes.”

Photo// President Ruto to Azimio Sponsors You must Pay Taxes. Photo Courtesy

While continuing with his speech, the president sated clearly that no one would be taxed in excess of the law or face additional taxes.

“I’m not talking about additional taxes, I’m talking about taxes that have been agreed upon by parliament and signed into law,” he added

This come after,  Azimio’s protests in Nairobi where the Azimio Leader accused The UDA party of rigging the 2022 elections.

On Sunday, Raila informed hundreds of his supporters that he will hold nationwide rallies to oppose President’s Ruto administration.

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