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Embattled Keroche CEO joins UDA in Nakuru Mega rally

Post by : Ann Njambuya

The united democratic alliance continues to welcome political aspirants.The latest addition to the hustler nation is Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja. Karanja had expressed her interest to vie for the senatorial seat of Nakuru county.

Her entry into UDA makes the hustler nation party the strongest and most popular party in the county of Nakuru after promising to field candidates in all political seats. Nakuru county is one the counties where UDA will have very fierce Nominations.This is due to the big Political muscles have declared their interests to vie for political seats using the UDA ticket.

Tabitha and her company have been in the news lately, after a continuous and relentlessly battle with the KRA. KRA has accused the brewery of tax evasion up to a tune of 14 billion shillings. According to the CEO the investigations are politically instigated.

While being welcomed to UDA by deputy president William Ruto. Tabitha  also said that she is going to the senate to help make laws that will favour the business community.She also indicated that business in Kenya are heavily taxed making the unsuitable for fair competition.

Her company Keroche brewery is the second largest brewery in the country coming after EABL. The EABl has been a dominant player in the market.This mainly attributed to the fact the brewery has international funding.

From Keroche to the senate Tabitha Karanja Declares

Tabitha Karanja has joined UDA party during the UDA ANC FORD Kenya Mega rally in Nakuru
Photo// Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja and Media Personality Maina Kageni. Karanja has joined the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) as a her party of choice in her senatorial bid.

During her admission to the party, Tabitha was welcomed by a group of women leaders who are allied to the deputy president. The leaders promised to support and mentor her into the world of politics.


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