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Eastleigh shines as Africa’s largest mall is set to be unveiled hosting 3500 shops, 3 hospitals, 12 banks and a 7 star hotel

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Eastleigh, the busiest place in Nairobi county with over 50 shopping malls , is set to unveil the largest mall in Africa with over 3500 shops.

Business bay square(BBS) mall, which is expected to be a game changer and established as the biggest mall on the continent , will have 3,500 shops, 3hospitals, 12 banks and 7 star hotel all in one place.

The mall set to be launched in a few month’s time, the developer say that the demand for spaces at the property is overwhelming despite Eastleigh housing over 50 malls.

Thousands of tenants who seek to occupy malls that are under construction have been put on a waiting list due to the high demand.

“There are businesses on a waiting list waiting to occupy and this is because of the huge demand for shops in the area which is essentially the country’s business nerve Centre,” Ahmed Asmali a member of Eastleigh said.

Growth of Eastleigh

According to Naflay mwangi, a developer in Eastleigh, most of the malls are made in a way that they become wholesale hubs for other business not only in the country but in the region.

Eastleigh has been designated for B2B. People will come to Eastleigh , buy things then sell them in other  areas. So Eastleigh is one of the best business hubs in East Africa.

Not only is Eastleigh a business attraction area, It is estimated that Eastleigh host investments worth billions of shillings and contributes at least 30% of taxes collected by Nairobi county.

“Eastleigh is no longer a neighborhood. It is a city within a city, “added Asmali

Eastleigh been located in a cosmopolitan area has led to the growth of many business in the area.

Small shops ,eateries, and a huge population are squeezed together to occupy the 2,000 acre grid yet businesses seem to grow.

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