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Drama Unfolds In kakamega as Police try to Uproot suspects Bhang

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Drama unfolded in Kakamega county after a 28- year old man, who had planted marijuana in his compound challenged police officers who wanted to uproot his plants.

Chief Boss Richard Omanga who stated that  they were acting on  tip-off from members of the public noted that the suspect threatened police that they would be mad should they try too uproot his ‘bhang’ with disrespect.

He said that the accused claimed that the plant had respectable procedures for uprooting and insisted that any other procedure that does follow the usual procedure would generate curses.

“We reached the man’s compound. He looked calm and collected. In fact, he welcomed us politely and we found he had planted the substance in a small piece of land that he had fenced to keep off intruders,” the chief said.

“We were shocked that the young man confidently warned us against the drug stating there is a special way of doing it that involves prayers and if not the stranger or intruder gets cursed by the owner and the plant and from his “gods.”


Mr. Omanga noted that, despite the man’s tantrums  they were able to uproot the plant and arrest him.

The chief boss also said that they were  shocked when the man told them that  he cannot allow his medicine that makes him energetic and earn a living be destroyed and yet youths were being killed and spend time in jail for stealing and engaging in crimes due to unemployment and that is why the man took an Orth to protect the plant and curse those who uproot it.

Mr. Omanga revealed that the man will be arraigned in court for possession of drugs.

He also reveals that what the man said was speculations and that his officers and him were okay and not mad as the man had said.

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