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Drama In the middle of Thika Road as woman arrested for “Making out”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Nairobi drama’s of any sorts will be seen and caused which make onlookers very surprised.

A woman has been sentenced to six month jail time or to pay a fine of Ksh.20,000 after she was caught making out in the middle of Thika road .

The two had stooped the car in the middle of the road and police officers approached to find out what was causing the huge traffic.

Upon arrival, the officers found the woman in a compromising position with the man who was inside the car.

The police officers interrupted them and asked them to continue driving but the couple became rude to them. The woman was arrested and taken to Kasarani police station.

Appearing before Madaraka law, on Thursday, the woman pleaded guilty to causing a disturbance and obstructing traffic at Thika Road Mall in Roysambu.

The judge delivered the verdict in accordance to traffic act and penal code which sates that, Any person who leaves any vehicle on a road in such a position or in such a condition as to cause or likely to cause danger to any person shall be guilty of an offense and liable for a conviction to a fine not exceeding Ksh.50,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year.

Additionally, the woman was also charged for insulting a police officer.

Netizens reacted to this matter finding it both funny and shocking as to why people would do this on the road.

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