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Drama At Nakuru Police Station As Two Men, Undressed, Climbed A Tree and Started Preaching

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Drama broke out at Nakuru Central Police Station on Friday morning after they undressed, climbed a tree and started preaching.

This was the second attempt that the men tried, the first attempt was on Thursday night but they were caught and chased away.

Photo// Drama at Nakuru Police Station. Photo Courtesy

On Friday is when they became succesful, they undressed and climbed a tress at the police station.


The police officers attempts to have them dress up and descend from the tree were futile.

The officers resorted to seal off the areas as thet tried to get the men to dress up.

It took 11 hours trying to get the men to descend from the tree, they finally did, but the men went to a corner of the police station and sitting without saying a word.

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