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DP Gachagua Threatens to Unveil the Names Individuals Behind the Stolen Money From Uhuru’s Regime

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

After DP Gachagua’s recent announcement , he has threatened to reveal the names of the individuals who stole money from public coffers in the last three months of President Uhuru’s term.

According to the Gachagua, a number of of former ministers and Principal secretaries were receiving  money stored in cartons at their homes using planes from the Wilson Airport.

Speaking at Jesus Winner Ministry in Roysambu on Sunday, the deputy president claimed  that in the coming days, he will unveil the individuals behind his alleged statements.

“These people robbed the nation. In the next few days I will be releasing details of billions of shillings looted from public coffers in the last three months of the Uhuru administration and announce the ministers and PSs responsible so that Kenyan’s can know,’ said Gachagua.

“At the police airwing in Wilson Airport is where money was being brought  in sacks, packed into the planes and taken to different homes.”

The DP claimed that there was a deliberate plan to lodge the presidential results petition before the Supreme Court to create more time for stealing.’

‘When they saw the election is not in their favor they looted public money with sacks. They knew the case would not amount to anything it was just there to allow them to steal and then go,” stated the Deputy president.

Lastly, the DP said that he will not cower from ‘telling Kenyans the truth’ and will be at the forefront of laying bare the truth on how public money was misused.

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