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Dp Gachagua Admits He’s Still ‘Intimidated’ By Judiciary Due To Past Experiences

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Deputy President Rigathi has revealed that he is yet to recover from a ‘disturbing’ past experiences in the presence of judiciary.

While speaking to delegates at the third symposium on Greening judiciaries in Africa on Wednesday, April4, Gachagua said he is still intermediated  by the judiciary, this is after the Directorate of Public Prosecutions dropped the charges against him.

“I must say that appearing before many chief justices and judge’s is rather intimidating. In my earlier life, before the people of Kenya decided to bring me t this side of the divide. I was a constant visitor before you in not-very-pleasant circumstances,”Gachagua told the delegation led by Chief Justice Martha Koome.

He admitted that he is still nervous while interacting with judicial officials.

“Anytime you invite me I am a bit hesitant, because appearing before you in different circumstances is rather traumatizing. But we are healing slowly and this continuous appearing before you completes that healing,” he added.

Gachagua’s Case

Gachagua case was withdrawn in November when DPP Nordin Haji applied for it. He stated that under section 87A of the criminal procedure code, investigation into the matter were not complete.

The investigating officer in the case, Obidah Kuria told the anti-corruption court that there were some areas in the case that were not yet covered because he was not given sufficient time.

Gachagua said that the case against him was politically instigated due to his political alignment at the time.

During the symposium Gachagua urged the courts to embrace linear sentence such as environmental conservation instead of custodial sentence.

While closing the symposium, Gachagua stated that petty offenders are not able to raise fines imposed on them and as such ended up in jails, congesting the country’s prisons.

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