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Defied Regional politics and emerged victorious; Lessons learnt

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza with President William Ruto when she joined the Kenya Kwanza Alliance

During the august 2022 general elections, the political wave in the country was dominated by two coalitions. The coalitions controlled parts of the country which they considered as Backyards. However, among the notable candidates emerged candidates who went against the odds of political parties and emerged victorious.

From defying the UDA wave in Mount Kenya to defying the ODM wave in Nyanza. The following leaders have gone against party politics and emerged victorious trouncing serious party candidates.

1. Ugenya MP David Ochieng’: The notable member of parliament went against the ODM wave in Nyanza and emerged victorious. David Ochieng’ formed the Movement for Democracy and growth party. He used his party to vie for the Ugenya parliamentary seat and defeated ODM’s Daniel Odhiambo in the hotly contested election. His achievement is notable since Siaya is considered ODM’s bedroom and it is where Raila Odinga hails from. The MDG party has since joined the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

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2. Olkalou MP David Kiaraho : Kiaraho battled the UDA wave in Nyandarua defending his seat on a jubilee ticket. UDA party is considered the current party of the mount Kenya county having bagged all the major seats. Kiaraho went on to beat his closest rival  Samuel Kamau of the UDA party with over 4000 votes.

Taita Taveta Governor Andrew Mwadime. He defied odds to go against political coalitions and emerged victorious.
Photo//Taita Taveta Governor Andrew Mwadime. He defied odds to go against political coalitions and emerged victorious. Mwadime floored known party candidates in the august general elections.

Gubernatorial Candidates

3. Taita Taveta Governor Andrew Mwadime: The former Member of parliament for Mwatate defied all odds to win the Taita Taveta governorship as an independent candidate. He beat the incumbent Granton Samboja with over 20,000 votes. Mwadime had been denied the ODM party nomination to vie for the position. the county is considered an ODM party stronghold. However the party seems to have lost the county.

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4. Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza: Kawira Mwangaza was considered a weaker candidate during the Meru gubernatorial campaigns. Very few political pundits  considered her candidature. The former Meru Women representative lacked both the financial muscle as compared to her competitors. She was also new to politics after serving as a women representative for one term. However, the fierce leader went on to defy all odds by trouncing two experienced candidates. Kawira emerged the winner after beating Mithika Linturi who emerged second. Rigathi was flying the UDA banner.


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