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Defense PS Reveals That Kenya’s First Satellite Taifa-1 Cost Ksh.50M

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Defense Principal Secretary Patrick Mariru has revealed that Kenya’s First satellite , Taifa-1, was built at a cost of Ksh.50M.

Taifa-1 is set to be launched into space by the Kenya Space Agency (KSA) with the assist of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation(Space X)on April 11,2023.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, the PS said that the build was cost-effective since the assembly and development of the Satellite was done by KSA engineers.


“It’s only the parts that we sourced from external partners but in terms of fixing it was done by our engineers,” said PS Mariru.

“The cost has been modest, to develop this vessel it has cost Kenya Sh.50 million,” he added.

The manufacturing and testing of the satellite was done in partnership with Endursat AD, a Bulgarian aerospace manufacturer.

With the huge advantage the satellite will have to Kenya, PS Mariru said that the nation will be able to independently access data for decision support to combating climate change and improving agriculture and food security.


“We  now have our own vessel to collect data, We do not need to go to a third party. Now we have our sovereign-owned instruments to be able to make decision,” he added.

The satellite has being built to provide precise and timely earth observation data to stakeholders in the diverse fields of application including agriculture and food security.

A representative from Kenya will travel to the USA for the launch led by the PS to witness the launch.

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