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CS Mutua Requests Kenyans to Support Syria, Turkey After Deadly Earth Quake

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, Alfred Mutua, has urged Kenyans to volunteer and donate to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, which has killed over 11,000people.

In a statement issued to the media, The CS pleaded with Kenyans who are able , to volunteer and extend material help to Syria and Turkiye.

“I call upon Kenyans who are able to join hands in extending material support that would alleviate human suffering such as food stuffs, clothing, financial, medical stuff among others,” the CS said.

A collection point for the materials will be communicated soon according to Mutua.

Photo// Turkey and Syria Earthquake. Photo Courtesy

“We shall help Turkey with coffee, tea, groundnuts and other fast moving goods that can help them during this time,” Mutua added.

Furthermore, the CS stated that his ministry is coordinating with other government agencies to assist with ongoing operations.

He also announced that the earthquake had killed over 5000 people, but none of 1137 Kenyans registered in Turkey had been reported dead or injured.

The Earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, devastated entire sections of major cities, killing more than 11,000people, injuring thousands more and leaving many more with no shelter.

According to the government and White helmet , in Syria alone at least 2,597 have been killed.

Shibli said it was “impossible” for the group to respond to the large scale calamity alone in the rebel-held northwest, home to more than four million people.

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