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CS Mucheru: No one will interfere with the election servers

Post by : Sue Njihia

ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has brushed off claims of the likelihood of external forces accessing IEBC servers during the election period. This can only be possible if the courts orders for retrieval of election information.

Joe added that he wants elections to be as transparent as possible ,hence the commission allowed the media access form 34A. There were no plans of shutting down  live broadcast unless a security threat surfaces.

ICT Cabinet Secretary assured that network upgrades will not be conducted before and after the elections to minimise power failures.As per now 97% of polling stations are  covered with Safaricom network. Austatech Satellite firm has been contracted to provide the services in several areas, especially in Northern Kenya.

“Safaricom is in a better place in terms of infrastructure than it was five years ago. Our coverage network covers a scope of 96 per cent of the polling stations,” Ndegwa revealed.

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa said there will be a network freeze and no new products or maintenance will be allowed unless it is an emergency.He also stated that Safaricom will send results  hourly , without network interference. 730 centres not covered by network will be covered by satellite modems which have since been tested.

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photo//ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru

Safaricom employees will not be able to interfere with the particulars as their role is to transport it but have no access to the information therein. Mucheru added that Safaricom was picked as the main network while Airtel and Telkom as backup.

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF ) officers will be deployed in areas prone to security threats.


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