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CS Moses Kuria Bans Schools From Selling Uniforms Parents free to buy from any store

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has banned schools from selling uniforms.

Speaking during a press briefing on Tuesday, The trade CS said that schools have no businesses in selling uniforms but should focus on academics and implementation of the CBC.

The CS also questioned the need for schools to have complusory uniforms , since uniforms have little to no effect on learners receiving quality education and hence schools should not institute any type of clothing policy.

“In America there is no uniform, school uniform inakujia wapi katika mambo ya masomo na CBC ?it is not a necessity,” Kuria said in his briefing.

The CS made the statement moments after putting on notice schools selling uniforms within their facilities. According to Kuria, schools doing so are in breach of the law.

“The ministry has sent a circular and the ministry will send another circular today to the schools that parents have got absolute freedom and discretion on where to buy uniforms,” said Kuria

“We are mixing the issue of education with school uniforms because few people , who are pre enjoying this space of selling school uniform, are colluding with schools. When you hear of a school selling uniforms ask them where their sewing machines and tailors are?”

Manufacturing Sector

According to the CS, Kenya’s manufacturing sector is missing out on numerous uniform making opportunities since a number of schools are working together with uniform makers to sell their products exclusively within their facilities.

“We have got 40,000 primary and secondary schools in the country with a student population of close to fourteen million. So this is a huge market and myself being the minister of investments, trade and industry view this as customers,” said Kuria

“This is one major investment to our economy. Our schools will not be used as conduits by those people who are used to having it very easy . It is better to have more people at the bottom of the pyramid making uniforms than to have a handful of people dong that business.”

Moses Kuria added that, his ministry will send trade officers to various schools across the country to ensure his directive is being followed.

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