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CS Machogu Bans Morning and Evening Preps as schools resume

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Students and pupils in schools have gotten good news as the Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu bans morning and evening classes.

The CS said, students will not report to class before the break of dawn. They will also be required to end school activities before dusk.

According to Machogu, the government will not allow students to be subjected to a lot of work which can be covered within the given time.

“As we resume our normal education calendar, it is clearly stated in the curriculum that learning begins at 8Am and ends at 3:45Pm. We are subjecting our learners to unnecessary struggles by waking them at 4Am to attend lessons in schools by 6Am.” the CS said.

“You will meet students walking on the streets very early in the morning heading to school for remedial lessons. I have seen some buses transporting students at 10pm as they head back home. We will not allow that,” he added

The CS cautioned schools against the trend, saying it was akin to mental torture and the school environment should not feel like a prison.

Photo// Junior Secondary schools. Photo Courtesy


“Lets not subject our children to a lot of stress which affects their mental health. We want to make learning fun and likeable. Our children should rest and have enough sleep. Let children be children and enjoy their schooling life,” Machogu said.

Junior Secondary
Photo// JSS kick off as CS Machogu bans morning and evening preps. Photo Courtesy

Machogu at the same time, said the government is looking into the subjects that Junior Secondary School(JSS) students will cover.

“As a ministry we are also concerned with the number of subjects the children are going to cover in the new set up. There are many and we will streamline so that it is not a burden,”


In the current setup, the government has approved 12 compulsory learning areas with students expected to choose a maximum of two optional subjects.

They include English, Mathematics, Kiswahili, Social Studies , Heath Education, Agriculture, Intergraded Science and Religious Education.

Other Subjects are, Pre -Technical and Pre-Career Education, Business Studies, Life Skills, Sports and  Physical Education.

Additionally, learners will be required to do a minimum of one and a maximum of two optional subjects; Virtual Arts, Performing Arts, Home Science, Computer Science, Foreign Languages, Indigenous Language and sign language.

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