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CS Ezekiel Machogu Clears Up Claims 2022 K.C.S.E leaked, defending Kisii and Nyanza Schools

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

On Friday, CS Ezekiel Machogu released the 2022 K.C.S.E examination results but the results were not accepted by Kenyans easily as other results.

Several Kenyans questioned the credibility of the 2022 KCSE examinations. This was after some schools recorded a high rise in their average mean score and the number of candidates who scored an A plain.

While announcing the results, the CS Ezekiel Machogu announced that 1,146 candidates obtained an Overall grade of A( plain) compared to 1,138 in 2021.

Schools in Kisii and the Vast Trans Nzoia region were not left unnoticed as they posted a drastic increment in the number of candidates who scored top grades.

Case in point been, Nyambaria and Mobamba high schools had all 488 and 388 candidates securing university admissions respectively.

Twenty-eight candidates from Nyambaria scored A(plains) and 388  secured a mean grade of A. seventy candidates attained a B+, with only one getting a B(plain). This translated to a mean score of 10.89.

The school’s performances caused an uproar on social media with some attributing to exam irregulates.

Ezekiel’s Defends

The Education CS, dismissed the examination  irregulate claims, insisting that the nations test was not leaked in favor of certain schools in Kisii and Nyanza.

Machogu said Kisii was being unfairly singled out yet some counties had far better grades than it.

The CS defended Nyambaria High school’s performance and praised its principal , Boaz Owino as an academic achiever.

Why are Kisii Schools been singled out? Kenyans make fun of Kisii people this is seen through memes created about them were they are criticized.


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