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‘Crime Increase’ Kenyans Take Justice Into Their Own Hands

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

With the increase of crime in the country, Kenya citizens have decided to take matters into their own hands. They punish the thieves according to the way it might seem right to them.

Kenyans have decided enough is enough as they are tired of been mugged for the little they have earned by people who just wait and take with no remorse at all.

In the past several week, mob attacks have increased in an alarming rate, as citizens have decided to take justice into their own hands, by killing any suspected thief. The thieves are either lynched, or attacked.

This is after it emerged that over 20 people have been killed through mob attacks that has also left over 30 people injured.

Among those killed is, Said Zakaria, 35, who was killed last week. He was killed by a mob following a botched robbery in Dandora Phase III.

Festus Munene Kimathi, 24 is another victim of the mob attack, he was lynched in Munyi village after he was allegedly found with a stolen sheep.

In kibra, Ali Dache, 35, was also killed following a botched butchery. Two others were also killed in Lucky Summer and Karatina.

Police Act

Police were shocked by the rising cases of mob attacks in the country that has left dozens of people dead and others seriously inured.

Additionally, the police say all the victims were men aged between 23 and 36.

Police spokeswoman, Resila Onyango says the trend is worrying and advised the public against taking the law into their own hands.

“Mob lynching is criminal and we have taken action on some of the incidents and arrested those behind the same,” she said.

She also advised that those arrested over claims of stealing to be surrendered to authorities.

Officials say the public resort to such actions for lack of trust in police or out of desperation for increased crime.

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