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Closure Of Clubs What It Means To Many Kenyans And The Entertainment District

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A Picture showing what's leading to closing of clubs. Drugs are a common sight in this club.

Closing of Clubs, many people love them, the loud music, having fun or what people like to say “sherehe” is what it means to go out to and party. Many of the clubs are open through out but on the days that they get many people is on Thursday till the weekend as we all know a song “Alaa!!” by Dantez254that says “aty Monday ni kazi ,Thursday nangoja friday” as many Kenyans vibe to song thus making the clubs play it making many of them enjoy clubbing.

Well it will be sad news for many people as many of the clubs have been given warnings considering on how loud they play music. Kileleshwa ward rep Robert Alai says that due to receiving many noise complaints from people he has ordered that 43 of the clubs to be closed in order to reduce noise he also says that the clubs are used to traffic drugs. But what will happen to the people who work in the clubs as they  earn there income from there.

Clubs are home to many people who seek pleasure as well as livelihood. from the waitresses to the deejays, bouncers and also both old and young Kenyans who find solace in the nightlife as clubs flourish.

Even after the warning that the clubs have been given, some still defy them and keep on playing loud music. Clubs such Quiver ,La Baita. It was seen when a raid happened to one of the clubs in kileleshwa were the workers were arrested , the club owners complained saying that we are at time when the cost of living is very high , if you send the workers home without jobs what will happen to them and to those who depend on them.

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