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City within a City! New Railways City construction set for July

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Kenya has been on an Infrastructural growth agenda for the last ten years. However it seems as if that was just the beginning. Since the year 2020 the Government has been seeking financing for an ambitious project dubbed the Railways city. The new city is set to rejuvenate the Nairobi CBD.

The city will be located at the current Nairobi Central Railway station. The station sits on a 498 acre piece of land that is set to host the new city. This city is part of  a 20 year long term development plan to redevelop the Nairobi CBD.

The phrase of the project which is set to be launched in July 2022, is expected to cost in excess of over 200 million Euros. The project is being Funded under a Public-Private Partnership.

Foreign Investment

According to our sources,The government of Kenya has been negotiating with the UK Export Finance. They are seeking over Kshs 220 billion in direct foreign investment. Phrase one of this project will include commercial developments,skyscrapers, a cultural centre and a museum.

Design for the prposed Railways city. The city is set for launch on july 2022
Artistic Design indicating the size of  the proposed Railways city. The city is set for launch on July 2022. The city is the first phrase of a 20-year long term development plan between the UK and Kenya. The Project is being undertaken under a Public-Private Partnership.

However the tip of the iceberg will  be the building of  a new Railway station that will allow the integration of the Rapid Bus Transit and other public means of transport.

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The designs for the new Railways city have been designed by a renowned UK firm Atkins Global. The construction of this new City is expected to generate over 50,000 jobs during its construction.It is also expected to generate over 1.5 million jobs in a span of over 20 years.

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