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CITAM Condemns Pastor Mackenzie’s Actions “Misinterpretation Of Scripture”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Christ Is The Answer Ministry(CITAM) has criticized the actions on Kilifi pastor, Paul Mackenzie, who is accused of making his followers fast to death to see God.

Speaking on Hope TV,CITAM’s presiding Bishop Calisto Odede wants the government to properly investigate the actions, which have led to the death of more than 70 people.

“It is a case of misinterpretation of the scripture. We have an individual enforcing fasting without biblical regulation,”Odede said.

“If he was a responsible person, he needed to have accepted the fact that people lost their life…and gone to the government to confess rather than secretly burying their bodies. When he has done that secretly, it does appear like murder.” he said.

Church Regulation

The Bishop further said that their is need for regulation in churches, saying churches under NCCK have been working on a document to enable the self-regulate.

“Unfortunately when this was circulated to Independent Churches, they do not want to accept this document that will help us to self regulate,” he said.

“My prayer is that it will be a document that we can hand over to the government. That a church that does not operate according to those regulations should be dealt with.”

He has urged Kenyans not to give up on the church because of the wrong doers.

“These are people who have misinterpreted and are abusing scripture rather than using them the right way. We need to be able to vet the messages we are hearing from some preachers.” he advised.

More than 70bodies have been exhumed from Shakahola Village, Kilifi county, where Pastor Mackenzie followers have been buried.

The Kenya Red Cross has reported that 212 people have been reported missing at their desk in Shakahola.

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