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‘Bribes’ Traffic Police Officers

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Public transportation is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya. But when venturing into it ,it might be a risky chance and requires heavy demands and prices.

Police officers are known  to be loyal trustworthy and when people are in a problem they should go to them, but is it true or safe for us ? As passengers in public transportations, one usually questions on how they operate while on the checkpoints there’ve been placed.

Near checkpoints, matatus are filled to capacity having more than the required passengers in the car, touts hanging on doors still adding more passengers . The vehicles will pass the police but they will turn a blind eye to that as long as they receive their cut nothing more will be done and the vehicles will be allowed to keep on moving.

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How the game is played.

From matatus to pickups, motorists and personnel vehicle , research has been done and many of them have been discovered to have loss change with them when they reach the checkpoints. Questions were raised as to why they require the loss change and it was discovered that, the traffic police always demand some money from them in order for them to be let go to. Refuse to pay, the cars can get impounded or taken to court.

A number of reports on the corrupt polices have been drawn up. However, none are taken seriously since the reports will say they have acted upon it but they just disappear as if they did not exist.

In Kenya, traffic stops bribery is the means to keep one away from paying a large fine and fit within the police hierarchy. There are a set of rules in the game which is ‘ give us something small and in return you get to operate without us on your back’.

Kenya’s public transport sector and confusing traffic regulations heighten bribery at checkpoints ,creating a corruption complex that draws in the police

When the police were asked on how they operate and how the bribes are distributed among them, a police officers stated that the collected bribes move along the hierarchy to high-ranking beneficiaries at the police headquarters.

This suggests that, police corruption in Kenya flows within personnel and corporate networks that uniquely show major players in the public service.

The bribes paid not only allow the drivers to operate smoothly, but they also exchange the bribes for protection or to maintain a good relation between them and the officers.

Government Acts

The government should also implement stricter traffic laws and costly penalties should be enforced

In addition to that, the academic requirement should be raised at the service to steer it towards becoming an intelligent organization and transform its image. But will that be enough to stop police corruption?

Finally, the government must ensure intensive police training on the rule of law and citizen rights, and to also conduct public awareness campaign and create a less costly burdensome justice system.

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